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Talent Development

Leadership Development

Talent Development Co. believes in implementing a performance-driven work culture, to identify high-potentials for leadership development programs. More  Arrow

Business Simulations

Connecting learning solutions to real-life business challenges of the organization is the key to the success of talent development. One of the ways Talent Development Co. does this is through business simulations. These sessions are highly interactive and completely customized to your business requirements. More  Arrow 



An essential component of a development program is the development of a coaching culture. Our team offers different approaches to coaching to help you create a coaching culture in your organization. We have partnered with "Coachsource", the world’s most experienced leadership coaching companies with over  800 seasoned coaches in 43 countries. More  Arrow

Online Learning

Talent Development Co. believes that successful learning is when learners’ take ownership of their learning. One of the ways we facilitate this is through Deloitte’s Leadership Academy. This unique platform is ideal for busy executives to develop their leadership skills and connect with an exclusive community, using content from world leaders such as Harvard Business Publishing. More   Arrow

Nationalization Programs

Companies in the Gulf, are seriously considering developing their  local talent, now more than ever. Talent Development Co. is leading the way in this area, implementing comprehensive and holistic development for local talent. We believe that local talent adds significant value to the businesses, and will help companies in the Gulf grow. More    Arrow