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Talent Development

Now more than ever before, developing national talent is key to organizational success.Whether in the private or the public sector, finding, developing and engaging high potential nationals is a challenging and yet highly rewarding activity. TDC has been leading the way in developing national talent.

Develop Local Talent 

Talent Development Co. has been partnering closely with government entities to roll out a comprehensive multi-level development program. We call this localisation initiative ‘Kawader’.

Talent Development Co.‘s  KAWADER is designed to build sustainable local talent . KAWADER aims to build capability for career progression and to develop a constant talent pool for future management. 

Development Program

Our KAWADER development model consists of 5 progressive programme:



Let us help you

Our success in implementing this model with Alghanim Industries, will enable us to support you to do the same. Let us help you by:

  • Consulting with you to identify the government support you are eligible to receive.
  • Helping you develop a customised and comprehensive talent development program for local talent.
  • Implementing our Kawader muilti-level talent development model building on our years of experience and success.