TDC Organizes Seminars for Alghanim from Professor Brian Hall, Harvard

   Jan. 09, 2014


Professor Brian Hall, Harvard

TDC facilitated the visit of Dr. Brian Hall, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, to Alghanim Industries, to deliver seminars on ‘Value Creation vs Value Claiming’ to senior management. Two seminars were held on 7 January 2014, in the ALGHO auditorium and over 70 employees attended.

Using a combination of engaging storytelling and powerful lessons, attendees were shown how to be better value creators in their everyday working lives, for both their own benefit as well as for the wider business.

Professor Hall stressed the importance of striving for sustainable cooperation in order for attendees to create value in their business interactions. In particular, during negotiations they should recognize that differences are a source of value, and that successful negotiation requires trading on these differences. Other issues covered included sharing information generously, being a team player and having a value-creating mindset in meetings.

The audience were appreciative of the message and the delivery, and it is anticipated that Prof. Hall will run similar sessions in the future.